Tutorials provide step-by-step lessons to help you achieve a specific goal. They should be a good place to start learning about JupyterHub and how it works.


This section covers how to get up-and-running with JupyterHub. It covers some basics of the tools needed to deploy JupyterHub as well as how to get it running on your own infrastructure.

Getting Started#

This section covers how to configure and customize JupyterHub for your needs. It contains information about authentication, networking, security, and other topics that are relevant to individuals or organizations deploying their own JupyterHub.

Working with the JupyterHub API#

JupyterHub’s functionalities can be accessed using its API. In this section, we cover how to use the JupyterHub API to achieve specific goals, for example, starting servers.


Further tutorials of configuring JupyterHub for specific tasks