Community communication channels¶

We use Gitter for online, real-time text chat. The primary channel for JupyterHub is jupyterhub/jupyterhub. Remember that our community is distributed across the world in various timezones, so be patient if you do not get an answer immediately!

GitHub issues are used for most long-form project discussions, bug reports and feature requests. Issues related to a specific authenticator or spawner should be directed to the appropriate repository for the authenticator or spawner. If you are using a specific JupyterHub distribution (such as Zero to JupyterHub on Kubernetes or The Littlest JupyterHub), you should open issues directly in their repository. If you can not find a repository to open your issue in, do not worry! Create it in the main JupyterHub repository and our community will help you figure it out.

A mailing list for all of Project Jupyter exists, along with one for teaching with Jupyter.