Community communication channels#

We use different channels of communication for different purposes. Whichever one you use will depend on what kind of communication you want to engage in.


We use our Gitter channel for online, real-time text chat; a place for more ephemeral discussions. When you’re not on Discourse, you can stop here to have other discussions on the fly.

Github Issues#

Github issues are used for most long-form project discussions, bug reports and feature requests.

  • Issues related to a specific authenticator or spawner should be opened in the appropriate repository for the authenticator or spawner.

  • If you are using a specific JupyterHub distribution (such as Zero to JupyterHub on Kubernetes or The Littlest JupyterHub), you should open issues directly in their repository.

  • If you cannot find a repository to open your issue in, do not worry! Open the issue in the main JupyterHub repository and our community will help you figure it out.


Our community is distributed across the world in various timezones, so please be patient if you do not get a response immediately!