JupyterHub server events#


Record actions on user servers made via JupyterHub.

JupyterHub can perform various actions on user servers via direct interaction from users, or via the API. This event is recorded whenever either of those happen.


  1. This does not record all server starts / stops, only those explicitly performed by JupyterHub. For example, a user’s server can go down because the node it was running on dies. That will not cause an event to be recorded, since it was not initiated by JupyterHub. In practice this happens often, so this is not a complete record.

  2. Events are only recorded when an action succeeds.




  • action

Action performed by JupyterHub.

This is a required field.

Possibl Values:

  1. start A user’s server was successfully started

  2. stop A user’s server was successfully stopped


start, stop

  • username

Name of the user whose server this action was performed on.

This is the normalized name used by JupyterHub itself, which is derived from the authentication provider used but might not be the same as used in the authentication provider.



  • servername

Name of the server this action was performed on.

JupyterHub supports each user having multiple servers with arbitrary names, and this field specifies the name of the server.

The ‘default’ server is denoted by the empty string