Eventlogging and Telemetry

JupyterHub can be configured to record structured events from a running server using Jupyter’s Telemetry System. The types of events that JupyterHub emits are defined by JSON schemas listed below

emitted as JSON data, defined and validated by the JSON schemas listed below.

How to emit events

Event logging is handled by its Eventlog object. This leverages Python’s standing logging library to emit, filter, and collect event data.

To begin recording events, you’ll need to set two configurations:

  1. handlers: tells the EventLog where to route your events. This trait is a list of Python logging handlers that route events to

  2. allows_schemas: tells the EventLog which events should be recorded. No events are emitted by default; all recorded events must be listed here.

Here’s a basic example:

The output is a file, "event.log", with events recorded as JSON data.